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When hearing the word ‘smartphone’ one immediately thinks about smart, convenient and thoughtful. This doesn’t always apply to the devices that charge them; always fumbling and messing around with broken cables or the wrong plugs.

The team behind CablesStore are destined to solve these modern day problems by distributing the most durable and reliable cables known to man.

I am never going back to normal again! #Cablesstore

Amanda E, Austria

I love it thanks, definately seems to charge faster than my apple cable and my dog is no match for it, haha. Cheers.

Jonathan M, Norway

I really like 90 degree wires. This way, my daughter can't pull it and break the wires... Thanks. Works well with iPhone and iPad!

Jessica W, Sweden

Appreciate how nicely packed It all was. Cable feels a little stiff, so you can tell it's going to be strong. Pretty neet how the the rubber strap allows you to fold it away neatly!

John R, Nevada

Best cable I've used for a long time. USB can be plugged in both ways. Helps on preventing my cable from getting bashed around... Will definitely buy another.

Adam S, Serbia

With the IC chip, this cable can transfer data and is compatible with all devices! You won't get the 'accessory not supported' message when charging with this cable.


Don't know which one to pick? Contact us and we will assist you on choosing the right charger for your device!

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